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Excellent price on American Hackleback Caviar and top quality guaranteed. Aways fresh arrival

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American Hackleback Caviar
American Hackleback CaviarAmerican Hackleback Caviar

American Hackleback Caviar

Beautiful glistening black eggs of this best caviar are firm and have an intense, nutty taste. American hackleback sturgeon caviar is reminiscent of Russian Sevruga caviar
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Base Price:$21.80
Status:Yes, this item is available.
Select Size: 1 serving. Jar with 1.00 oz 28.5 g.
 2 servings. Jar with 2.00 oz 57.0 g. Add(+$21.80)
 2-4 servings. Tin with 3.50 oz 100.0 g. Add(+$54.50)
 5-7 servings. Tin with 7.00 oz 200.0 g. Add(+$130.00)


Detailed Description for American Hackleback Caviar

The Hackleback Sturgeon is indigenous to the Missouri and Mississippi River systems. It is smaller and faster growing than most of the other sturgeon species, growing to about 38 inches at maturity.The roe is dark, of medium size and has a superb sweet, buttery, nut-like flavor.

We guarantee that our gourmet products are a healthy, prestigious and high-quality.

We sells only caviar officially monitored and controlled by:

  1. CITES Regulations
  2. FDA
  3. U.S. Customs
  • Our Caviar is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) - certified. When each shipment is received, a sample is immediately sent to a lab for testing and inspection.
  • Our caviar is documented to derive from legally acquired sturgeon and passes no threat to the sturgeon species in the world.
  • We offer to our customers caviar that has been obtained in a legal and ecologically sound way. Our caviar is preserved exclusively with pure salt, stored, handled and transported according to stringent hygenic regulations. It meets all international and domestic requirements, including regulations by CITES, US Fish and Wildlife Service, FDA, etc.
  • We are the first company to require DNA batch tests for each species of caviar. This analysis of the sturgeon roe enables us to ensure the origin and quality of caviar to customers.
  • Item is perishable and will be shipped via Priority Overnight . All caviar products are packed with special insulated boxes with gel ice and shipped with Priority Overnight method to ensure fresh arrival.

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